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The Brain Is Still a Mystery

One billion people globally live with neurological diseases and disorders, ranging from chronic headaches to Parkinson’s disease—yet many of the brain’s inner workings are still beyond our understanding. With a steady decline in federal research dollars, investigators are having an even tougher time finding answers that could lead to less invasive therapies, reduced recovery times, and better quality of life.

We have a breadth and depth of talent and commitment to innovation that provides the foundation for us to rank among the best in both fundamental research and clinical application of original discoveries.

Richard W. Tsien, MD

Director, Neuroscience Institute

Our expertise places us No. 1 in neurology and neurosurgery programs nationally, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report “Best Hospitals” rankings.

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With strengths in all major subspecialties, our neurology and neurosurgery teams pioneer studies on the brain and the many medical conditions associated with it. Our experts are unique in their commitment to research at every level—from innovative clinical trials to pure laboratory investigations. Their work translates into the safest and most effective treatments available today, both in the clinic and in the operating room.

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