Medical School Scholarships Your gift today supports the next generation of leaders in medicine and our historic commitment to provide full-tuition scholarships for all MD degree students at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

Tomorrow’s Medical Leaders Deserve a Chance to Thrive

Across the country, 71 percent of graduates leave medical school with an average of $194,000 in student loans, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Faced with this financial burden, students are choosing more lucrative specialties over primary care or forgoing a medical degree altogether. By taking tuition off the table for all of our MD degree students, NYU Grossman School of Medicine is sending a clear signal to young people considering a career in medicine: medical school is now within your reach—regardless of your financial means. We are committed to improving affordability and access to a world-class education. Scholarships guarantee that the very best applicants have the opportunity to obtain the training and support they deserve. With your help, we can continue to cultivate a vibrant medical community and prepare the next generation of graduates to thrive.

The cost of medical school can deprive our profession—and those we serve—of entire cohorts of talented people. But we are building a robust scholarship program that enables many gifted, disadvantaged students to attend our school.

Robert I. Grossman, MD

Dean and CEO, NYU Langone

Together, We’re Making It Happen

In 2018, NYU Grossman School of Medicine announced that we would be the first top-ranked medical school in the nation to award all MD degree students full-tuition scholarships. We could not have made this promise to our students without the generosity of all who have contributed to scholarships over the years. But we aren’t done yet. Only with your support today can we sustain our scholarship program for tomorrow’s outstanding students. Help us continue to dramatically reduce medical student debt in perpetuity, so future doctors can pursue their true passions and make a difference through medicine.

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