COVID-19 Research and Patient Care Your gift supports the greatest needs of patients with COVID-19.

We at NYU Langone Health continue to be deeply moved by the outpouring of support in the face of COVID-19. This incredible support continues to help our doctors, nurses, and other essential staff best care for New Yorkers and all the communities we serve.

With your help, we have been able to fast-track life-saving ventilators to patients in intensive care, get masks to frontline workers, and accelerate a study that gives COVID-positive patients options now.

Flexible funds to support our response to COVID-19 allow us to identify the greatest needs moment to moment and to quickly meet them. One hundred percent of your gift will go to fighting and ending this pandemic, including research, innovation, and patient care.

A gift of any amount will make a very real difference—on our frontlines and behind the scenes.

Support COVID-19 Research and Patient Care