Center for Amputation Reconstruction Join our supporters and help countless people lead independent lives after amputation surgery.

Provide Specialized Care to People with Limb Loss

NYU Langone Health’s Center for Amputation Reconstruction is committed to helping people with limb loss lead engaged and mobile lives. We work with patients to maximize their levels of movement and function after amputation, while offering supportive services that empower them to tackle the additional challenges posed by amputation.

By fostering collaboration among surgeons, occupational therapists, prosthetists, and mental health professionals, we use a multidisciplinary approach to treat patients so they have the holistic support they need to flourish post-surgery.

With Your Help, We Can Improve Lives

Thanks to the generosity of the NYU Langone Giving community, our team is able to work closely with patients to understand their goals, use the most advanced surgical technologies, and comprehensively treat the complexities that accompany limb loss.

Ensure Patients Thrive Post–Amputation Surgery